Friday, August 30, 2013

Enjoying New Leaf Community Day

Yesterday, Thurs, Aug 29, was Boulder Creek New Leaf Market's Community Day to benefit the San Lorenzo Valley Museum.  We have volunteers staffing an information table, but I secretly feel that they have all the fun.  When I check with my volunteers at each shift change I get the chance to talk with New Leaf's customers.  I talked with a couple from San Francisco camping at Big Basin who didn't realize that there was a history museum in town, but now will definitely visit.  We all thanked New Leaf's customers as they came out of the store for supporting the museum through their purchases - another opportunity to explain how small communities support each other.  I talked with a recent transplant from Palo Alto who loves history and was documenting Palo Alto's.  Now he is interested in SLV's and can't wait to visit.  New Leaf's Community Days supporting our local non profits through the year does more than just make a donation from their daily sales - it gives the designated non profit the opportunity to reach out to their community - thanking, networking, making that physical contact.  That's just as important.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

1st Pop-Up Museum

I have never attended a Pop-Up Museum before so I am so excited that we are partnering again with our non profit neighbor in Ben Lomond, the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center on Mill Street, and the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History in downtown Santa Cruz for our valley's first Pop-Up Museum.  Don't know what a Pop-Up museum is or how it is different from a regular museum?  First, it comes together with little advance publicity.  Second, it is only together as a museum for a few hours - less than one day.  Third, it is a participatory activity - meaning that the exhibitors are those who bring something to share, display, and/or talk about.  Fourth, the objects, ephemera, or photographs brought to share are displayed for the remainder of time that the museum is in place.  Fifth, there will be a theme or title for the Pop-Up Museum, but it is usually very broad or generic to encourage participation by all ages.    Our Pop-Up is titled 'Lost and Found' so bring any found object on Sat, Aug 24 between 1 - 5 pm to the Santa Cruz Mts Art Center and share why you find this 'found object' so fascinating.  I can't wait to see what our Valley community has found.