Wednesday, July 23, 2014

After our Annual Community BBQ

Our 11th Annual Community BBQ was last Sunday (July 20th).  This event is special because it was really begun close to 30 years ago when the original neighbors, friends, and families had the vision to start collecting Boulder Creek history at first, then expanded to all San Lorenzo Valley history.  They created the original Boulder Creek Historical Society and after much trial and error, finally opened the Boulder Creek Museum in a second-floor office space next to the Foster  Freeze.  I still have visitors who remember visiting that museum when they attended Boulder Creek Elementary.  As the years went by their Annual Oldtimers Picnic held in Bea Bushnell's shady front yard a block off Highway 9 was a chance for everyone to catch up, bring a dish to share, and have a few raffle items, like a sandwich at the Redwood Keg. 

Now the picnic is an all-valley BBQ with a historical presentation about our local history, horseshoes, sometimes music, but still some type of raising funds to keep the museum open and paying the recurring monthly bills.  Unfortunately many of those 'old-timers' are in assisted living or nursing facilities or have passed away, but still missed.  Is it time to change the type of activities held at this event?  and if so, in what ways?  Should there be a family-focused event instead?  If so, what would be the format that would also help raise funds to pay for our monthly operating expenses?  Should the horseshoes be their own separate activity? and a different event held at another time? 

I would like to get feedback from our community, from our event attendees and volunteers.  What would YOU like to see happening at the San Lorenzo Valley Museum?