Friday, October 11, 2013

Visitors to our Wee Wonders and Widgets Exhibit

I have always enjoyed watching our visiting children show their excitement and wonder watching a model train go around on a track and make the train whistle sounds.  However, there is nothing like the unbridled joy in watching mentally challenged adults visiting us for the first time and their realizing that they can make their own models from all the construction bits and pieces.  We were visited by the Laurel Street Center in downtown Santa Cruz on three different days.  Their van can only bring so many people at a time so they came on three different days with some repeating visitors.  I had my hand eagerly grabbed and taken to a very small train that went around a very small circle track, but made a very loud train chugging sound and went through a tunnel.  The young man was so surprised and pleased with the miniature train he had to share his excitement with someone and I was the one he picked.  A young woman was fascinated with the flume and kept looking through our book-like exhibit filled with flume photos and its history here in San Lorenzo Valley.  Several models were proudly made with exhibit labels written out and names written at the bottom of the label.  I got hugs and waves when they left.  What a wonderful visit.

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