Monday, June 9, 2014

2014 Oral History Essay Contest Awards

I have just gotten back from the San Lorenzo Valley Middle School where an all-school assembly was held to recognize students' achievements.  I was so pleased to not only be included in this end-of-the-year school assembly, but I was first on the program.  I gave out two cash awards, both to 6th graders, who wrote on the theme of local people who either work or have a business in SLV as an extension of our Smithsonian exhibit, 'The Way We Worked'.  As part of my presentation I read a synopsis of each essay in front of the school student body, then called each winner up front to receive their check.  I was told that the presentation would be a surprise to the winners, who certainly received loud and long applause from their fellow students.  I also took the opportunity at the end of the presentation to encourage participation next year.   I really enjoyed being a part of one of our local school's activities and to recognize our youth's interest in the museum and preserving our local history.

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