Saturday, September 6, 2014

Getting Ready for Fall

Our summer was very busy at the SLV Museum with our Evening Lecture by historian Dr. Traci Bliss in May, our Annual June Fundraising Dinner & Auction, and ending with our Annual Community BBQ in July.  I want to thank the many volunteers who pitched in with all the details that make each of these events special, help each event operate so smoothly, and make it look easy.  Thank you!

Our Collections Manager Lisa Robinson designed another interesting and colorful artwork exhibition on the Community Wall at the Santa Cruz County Government Building for the month of August.  The artwork is from local artists and includes several different mediums, which adds to the 'feast for the eyes' in texture, color, size, subject, and interpretation of this year's theme, 'Valley of Vitality'.  If you missed it, it is on our website.

I am very excited to be announcing a new historical walk being lead by local historian Frank Perry along the old Rincon Road.  The walk will be along the old wagon road and Frank will be sharing many 'before and after' photos of areas along the walk.  This walk will be on Sun, Oct 5 and will be limited to 25 people so prior sign-ups are encouraged.  Call the museum at 831-338-8382 if interested.

As the Exec Director I either supervise, directly take care of, share duties with, or am keep in the loop of all day-to-day operations of the San Lorenzo Valley Museum.  This is a large and very broad area of responsibility and one that I could definitely use a volunteer to assist me with some of the tasks.  I am looking for someone who has some knowledge of Excel and Word, could commit to a minimum of 4 hours per week (W, Th, F) for several months to make training worthwhile, and is interested in supporting our mission.  Several previous volunteers have used their volunteer time on a job resume.  Please call the museum if you are interested. 

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