Friday, March 1, 2013

Attended the California Association of Museums last week (2/20-2/22) which was held in Santa Barbara.  Enjoyed visiting other small museums and seeing how they display their collections, what type of  fundraisers they have found to be successful in supporting their museum, and what type of staffing they utilize.  Went to 4 workshops per day plus mini-roundtables in between workshops discussing topics such as 101 Survival Ideas for Small Museums.  The other benefit of attending conferences such as this one is the networking one-on-one with peers around the state, sharing information about a variety of topics.  The conference always provides ideas to bring back to our own San Lorenzo Valley Museum for exhibits, fundraising, enhancing the communication with our community, and how to be better caretakers of our collections.  If anyone would like to hear more about this conference, stop by the SLV Museum on W/TH/F and let's talk.

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