Thursday, March 28, 2013

I really look forward to seeing the class field trips visit the San Lorenzo Valley Museum.  I have the opportunity to talk a bit with the parents as well as see the young students immersing themselves into each exhibit area.  These bright minds always have questions for our docents, who wear period costumes, and really get into making Indian hacky sacks, stenciled bookmarks, and moon winder toys to take back with them.  After the inside tour the students go outside and get into circles, kicking the hacky sacks back and forth while other students wind up and then spin out their moon winders.  This last week we have had three classes from Boulder Creek Elementary, who walk with their teachers and parents from their school past several  historic Victorian homes to the museum.  I feel a lot of pride that our town still has a lot of its history intact so the students can learn about their local history as they make the trek along those early streets to and from the museum.  What a wonderful field trip and what a lasting memory in the making.

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