Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yesterday I had a couple from the Carmel Valley Historical Society.  The CVHS is opening their museum in December and were very interested in how the SLV Historical Society operated as an organization and managed our museum.  I felt honored to give them a tour of our museum, explaining our rotating exhibits, how our school fieldtrip program operated, and the community support we receive to grow and thrive.  They were interested in how we had such professional looking exhibit text panels, if we had a collection policy, how we tracked our collections donations, and they took photos of everything.  I felt good to be able to help another small museum with my experiences over the last 10 years as they eagerly look forward to opening up their museum doors in their community.  If anyone is down that way in December or early next year, stop by the Carmel Valley Museum and let them know you are from Boulder Creek and heard about their museum.

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