Friday, November 15, 2013

Big Turnout to Honor Our Local Vets

Mon, Nov 11th was our 4th Annual Veterans Day Dinner.  One of my personal highlights of this event is walking around Scopazzi's Restaurant, welcoming our veterans and their families to an evening of shared experiences and history.  I always check that each vet has received and is wearing their annual veteran pin that displays the current Veteran Department's image.  This year the word is 'Valor' and it is so visible in each of our veterans' faces, carriage, and demeanor.  This year we had a poem written by local veteran Bob Presswood about the Viet Nam Memorial Wall.  I am from that era and went to high school with so many classmates who were drafted.  Over 20 years ago I visited the Viet Nam Memorial Wall, touched the names, and felt such overwhelming sadness seeing that long list of names.  The poem put me back there, standing in front of that long black wall again.  That is what this evening is about - sharing, the camaraderie of shared experiences, sharing across generations.  I wouldn't miss this experience.

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