Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Smithsonian exhibit, 'The Way We Worked'

We are now in the last two weeks of this fabulous exhibit.  I feel excited about the increased visitation we have welcomed to the museum and appreciative of the positive praise we have received.  Our community have let us know how proud they are to have an exhibit of this  high caliber here locally to visit and enjoy.  I was visiting with one visitor who was telling me that she was telling all her neighbors and friends that 'they just had to come visit the museum and experience this exhibit'.  Another visitor walked past us so I turned to welcome her and I heard, 'and here is one of my neighbors that I told to come visit!'.   Many of us 'baby boomers' can related to many of the photos and their captions describing the work we did and are surprised to see it thought of as 'history'.  For me it was the large mainframe computer rooms that ran large magnetic tape reels of embedded information.   The memories that were brought back to me.


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