Thursday, April 24, 2014

Good - by 'The Way We Worked' exhibit

I have to confess that I wasn't quite sure what to expect with an exhibit coming from the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC!  I have visited their museums not to long ago and left overwhelmed, impressed, thoroughly enjoyed every minute, and with a lifetime of memories.  But I could NOT wrap my head around how we would fit an impressive big impact exhibit into our intimate museum while also giving our visitors the feeling of a big museum exhibit that they would expect from the Smithsonian.  Well - this exhibit was not only big impact in what it delivered, but also compact, tons of photos, content everywhere - even under hats, visual & audio components to enjoy, but it also brought back many memories for our visitors of the types of work they have done in their lives.  Even I was surprised to see photo that brought back an early memory for me - a photo of a large mainframe computer room writing / reading data on large reels of magnetic tape.  It reminded me of one of my early jobs and the beginning of a 32-year career at one company.  We posed the question, 'What was your first job?' and had many dozens of answers.  Some were what many young kids did; delivering newspapers, babysitting, dog walking, but some were surprising, like selling newspapers on the beach.  So Good-by 'The Way We Worked' and Hello to our new exhibit, 'Crystals, Caves, and Kilns'.  Stop by and visit this exhibit.

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